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mindful kids yoga

Where imagination meets mindfulness, and little hearts find their peaceful rhythm!

Imagine your child stretching like a tall tree, breathing like a calm ocean, and soaring like a limitless bird. Our Mindful Kids Yoga classes are a sanctuary of playfulness, mindfulness, and healthy movement.

yoga for children ages 5-9

yoga for youth ages 10-13

Mindful Kids yoga

The Benefits

We have created a safe space where your child can:

Cultivate Confidence: Through fun poses and activities, kids build self-esteem and body awareness.

Manage Stress: We teach relaxation techniques that help kids manage emotions and reduce anxiety.

Enhance Focus: Mindfulness exercises improve concentration and attentiveness in school and beyond.

Nurture Creativity: Our classes encourage imagination, creativity, and self-expression.

Mindful Kids Yoga Ages 5-9

We can’t wait to meet your little yogi and be a part of their transformative journey!

Come along with Emma Novak to our Mindful Kids series tailored for children aged 5 to 9 (we kindly request they’ve completed at least a year in school, kindergarten, or grade 1). Dive into mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation, fostering self-connection and building bonds with each other through sharing circles and engaging activities.

Mindful Kids Yoga Ages 10-13

We are excited to Connect with Your Budding Yogi on Their Transformative Path!

Embark on a 6-week journey crafted for the evolving bodies and minds of our youth. Going beyond mere postures, participants will delve into breathwork, self-care techniques, and uplifting lifestyle practices.

This course is tailored for those who’ve graduated from the traditional mindful kids’ class and are eager to explore profound insights about themselves, their physicality, and their emotions. Through graceful and challenging movements, we’ll prioritize boundaries and understanding body cues.

Discover the intricate link between body and mind—identifying emotions, nurturing feelings, and leveraging them for personal growth. Together, we’ll forge a community of young individuals, fostering mutual support and unlocking the magic within themselves!