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Explore our handpicked selection of products designed to elevate your yoga journey and infuse mindfulness into every aspect of your life.

Each product embodies our commitment to your holistic wellness and serves as a reminder that yoga is not just a practice; it’s a way of life.

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Alchemy yoga

Transform the mind, body, and spirit with the gift of Alchemy Yoga. Elevate someone’s wellness journey with our enriching classes, nurturing instructors, and serene environment. Give the gift of balance, strength, and inner peace with an Alchemy Yoga gift card.


Yoga Accessories

lululemon partnership

Take a moment to explore our selection of yoga clothing and accessories available for sale half an hour before any class.

Alchemy Yoga is an authorized lululemon retailer. We have men’s and women’s clothing and accessories in a variety of current styles, colors and sizes. We also carry a wide variety of quality BMat and lululemon brand yoga mats.