who we are

come for the yoga, stay for the community

As soon as you walk through the front door, you will be greeted with a sense of belonging, a warm smile and like-minded community members.

come as you are
Who We Are

Our Story

Alchemy Yoga’s story began in 2008 in a tiny little studio just a little further down the road from where we are today. We quickly outgrew that space and we’ve been in our current home since 2013.

Our building is snuggled between the big hill to the east and the majestic mountains to the west, and our community that lives within it is the geographical heart and soul of Cochrane.

Our origin story started from a mother and daughter inspired idea which has transformed over time to the collective of like-hearted owners that it is today. From the beginning we have lived up to our name; changing, transforming and transmuting, alchemizing lead into gold time and time again.

As we move forward into the future we maintain our belief that you can rise up from anything. Nothing is permanent. You can completely recreate yourself. 

Every story is worth telling.

Alchemy Philosophy

What We Believe

our philosophy

Our philosophy at Alchemy Yoga is start where you are.

There is nothing required of you to begin. There is no special skill set or ability needed. No prior knowledge or belief system. No way of being or living. The common goal of each and every class is to connect with the breath; to create space and to notice what is happening in the body and the mind. We support ourselves and each other with the desire to align the mind, body and spirit. The desire to show up as we are with a curious mind and willingness to try.

The Journey

yoga for healing

The traditional practice of yoga works in a way where the student learns to move away from an external, sensory and transient world to focus more deeply on an internal, spiritual and neutral one.

This ancient practice was designed as a spiritual 8-limbed system where the student learns to train the body and mind to witness itself and become aware of its own nature.

In our modern society these traditional practices and rituals could not be more relevant or more timely. With stress levels on the rise and the pace of our modern world moving at lightning speed this practice may be more necessary now than it ever has been.

At Alchemy, we guide students to develop mindfulness techniques, like breathwork and meditation. We provide space in which to heal and release mental and emotional blockages. We facilitate classes and workshops where students can move their bodies to develop greater strength and flexibility.

Alchemy Instructors

We do all of this so that we can become more skillful at, and in greater service to, adapting and responding to the ever-changing pace and speed of the world around us.

companions on your journey

The Instructors

In the radiant tapestry of our yoga community, our instructors are the north stars, guiding the path of inner discovery and holistic well-being.

Rooted in a profound understanding of yogic wisdom, they are not mere teachers but healing companions on your journey. With grace, compassion, and a deep connection to the ancient traditions, each instructor brings their own unique blend of expertise and intuition to the mat. Their gentle guidance and nurturing spirits create a sacred space where you can explore the postures, breathe deeply, and find your own inner sanctuary.  Meet our extraordinary instructors, and let their wisdom and light guide you on your path to inner harmony and balance.