Yogic Somatic Release

come as you are

tap into your body's natural ability to heal

Yogic Somatic Release
Saturday, May 11
7:00-9:00PM $40

The mind shapes the body, and the body influences the mind.

Yogic traditions have not only recognized this profound mind-body connection but have also crafted techniques to harmonize these aspects. Memories find their home in both the recesses of the mind and the physicality of the body. When we encounter challenging life experiences, our mind might struggle to process them, causing these memories to be imprinted in the very tissues of our body.

come as you are and release

Yogic Somatic Release

Unlock the power of your body-mind connection, release tension, & feel lighter.

Through a series of dynamic, mindful, targeted movements for the somatic tissues based on the Trauma Release Exercises of David Berceli, we offer the space for the body to find that wholeness again. This series invites the body to release the tension held in the tissues and with it the stories and trauma associated, without the mind getting involved or having to relive the memory. The class will also focus on breath work to help facilitate movement of the body, energy, and letting go.

are you ready to release?